Teenage Dream

Chapter 1

I was woken up by continuous laughter outside my bedroom door. Who the fuck would be here in our house at 10 in the morning on a Saturday? Everyone should still be sleeping during days like this. I stood up from my bed and dragged my feet over to the door.

“Can you shut the fu- holy shit.” My eyes widened at the sight of teenage boys in front of me. I immediately closed the door in embarrassment. I was still in pajamas, my teddy bear-patterned pjs to be exact, and my hair was a total mess, like I haven’t combed it in months. God, that was so humiliating. I heard laughter echoing through the halls, obviously laughing at me. My face turned a thousand shades of red and I wanted to climb out of my window and never show my face to any of them again. I burried my face in my pillow and hoped that I would fall asleep until they left. Someone suddenly knocked, “Jessie? Jess? You alright?”

“Leave me alone, Sean!!” I shouted at my brother, my face still buried under my pillows. I then realized that I forgot to lock the door, but it was too late, he was already inside. “I told you to leave me alone! Get the fuck out!” I threw the pillow directly at his face but he caught in right on time. “Hey, chill out. You didn’t look that bad, little sis. My friend said you looked adorable in those pajamas.” Oh great, and I thought they didn’t see what I was wearing.

I pushed myself up from the bed and tied my hair into a messy bun, grabbed my cardigan and walked out of the room. His friends were leaning on the wall beside my room waiting for my brother and as I walked by, they were all trying to stop themselves from laughing. I gazed at them and furrowed my eyebrows, giving them a sign that I was really pissed. One guy didn’t even try to laugh at all though, he was the only one with a straight face, and I was sure I heard him whisper “cut it out, it’s not funny anymore. Respect the girl.” I never saw him before, or maybe I just didn’t care enough to even familiarize myself with my older brother’s friends. To me, they’re all assholes.

I’m only a year younger than my brother, and because of that we fought often and argued about everything. Even the smallest things like who gets to eat the last piece of pizza or which video game we should play. I usually get my way by always being the cry baby, crying fake tears then he’ll give in right away. He still does care for me of course. He even defends me sometimes. At school once, there was this boy who kept bullying me all day and attempted to cut my braids off, then my brother came storming in and punched him in the face. He got all tough and said “Don’t mess with my little sister!”

Sean’s a toughie, but he has a heart. And I’ll always be his baby sister even if he’s only a year older.

This one particular boy that I kept my eye on the whole morning didn’t look pretty bad. I secretly watched them play football in our backyard, studying him from head to toe. He had chocolate brown curls that covered his face most of the time they were playing (a beanie would’ve been helpful, yes?), and green eyes that sparkled brightly in the sunlight, and that smile. Dimples on both cheeks, one deeper than the other and perfectly straight teeth. He had toned arms, I’m pretty sure he works out. He threw the ball to my brother, and then I saw that tattoo under his arm. A star? Quite random.

He looked older than any of my brother’s other friends, much more mature and manly. He looked about 19 or 20, compared to the others who looked like they were about 15 because of how childish they acted and dressed. Disgusting.

“Enjoying the view?” I lost my balance on the couch as that voice startled me, I thought I was going to fall flat on my ass, but huge arms caught me before I fell. It was him. His face was only a few inches from mine, and I could feel his warm breath on my nose.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to surprise you.” His deep voice gave me butterflies, it was exactly how I imagined it would sound. Deep and husky.

“No it’s fine. I uh, I was just keeping an eye on my brother. He might, you know, trip or something.” What a fucking lame excuse. “Wait, weren’t you outside a few seconds ago?”

“Yeah, but I came inside to drink water. Guess you didn’t hear me come in?” I was in a daze for a while and I really didn’t notice him come inside. “Yeah guess not.” He kept his eyes on me, holding my back firmly to make sure I wouldn’t fall. His eyes were greener up close, and I swear I saw his mouth ends curve upwards a little. I looked away and bit my lip in embarrassment, pushing myself up from his hold as he helped me stand.

“I’m Harry,” he offered that huge hand for me to shake.


“Jessie. I know, your brother told me.”

“Right.” I blushed when I found out he knew who I was, Sean’s baby sister with the teddy bear-patterned pajamas. Great.

“I should go upstairs now,” I said, slowly sneaking away from him.

“Yeah okay, I’ll see you later Jess.” he grinned as he placed his hand in his pocket, the other brushing away those curls away from his face.

Jess? Only Sean or my close friends call me that. Who does he think he is? And why is he being nice to me? No friend of Sean’s is ever nice to me.

“By the way, thanks. You’re really strong.” I waved goodbye and ran upstairs as quick as I could without giving him time to respond. I heard him chuckle lightly and walk back outside. You’re really strong? Why the fuck did I just say that? Shit, how clingy did that sound? I slapped myself in the face, wondering what he’ll think of me now.

Whatever, I don’t care if he’s that good-looking. He means absolutely nothing to me. And besides, all of Sean’s friends are assholes, so he’s just another asshole trying to play nice to his friend’s “baby” sister.

Chapter 2 

"Can you please stop trying to have sex on my bed!? I just changed the sheets 2 days ago!" I threw a potato chip at my best friend Reese and her boyfriend Zayn.

“Well someone’s a little jealous!” Reese teased, still on top of Zayn.

“No, I just don’t want my bedsheet to get wet again! Get off him before I push you both off.”

“Alright, alright.” Reese giggled, helping Zayn sit up straight.

“Hey little sis! We’re ordering pizza, what flavor do you want?” Sean barged in my room, flashing that cheeky smile of his.

“Can you learn to knock, Sean? Geez. And who’s ‘we’?”

“Harry and Ben are here.” My eyes lit up when I heard Harry’s name, not noticing a smile already formed in my face.

“Why are you smiling? Oi, what flavor?” Sean asked again.

“Uh, ham and cheese is fine.”

“Okay, I’ll call you when it’s here.” he slammed the door and whistled his way back to his room.

“Your cheeks are red, babe.” Reese said and she laughed.
I covered my face, “No they’re not!” I protested, but my face did feel warm.

“Who’s Harry? Is he new? I only know Ben.” Zayn said, mouth full of potato chips.

“I think he’s new. I don’t know, and I don’t really care.” I shrugged, plugging in my earphones and turning up the volume to maximum level.


I paused the movie we were watching in the living room. Reese was curled up in Zayn’s arms and I sat there on the other side of the couch with my feet up on the coffee table and all I had was the throw pillow I gave my mom last Christmas with a ”# 1 Mom” sign on it. “Bathroom break, be right back.”

I grabbed my phone from my pocket on the way up, then I suddenly bumped into him again. Is this going to be a regular thing? Constantly bumping into him everywhere I go? “Oh shit, sorry. I’m such a fucking clutz.” I said when my phone dropped on the floor.

“Watch your language.” He responded, giving back my phone, his eye on my lock screen. “Coldplay? I love Coldplay.” I realized that I left the song playing on my phone when I put it on silent mode before watching the movie. “Oh, that’s just one song. Shit, I actually left it playing.”

“Language please.”

“And who the fuck are you to tell me that?” I asked, crossing my arms.

“Well I’m-”

“Are you guys alright? What happened?” An unfamiliar female voice asked behind us. A girl, almost as tall as Harry, with dirty blonde hair, wearing high heels and short shorts, walked to Harry and slipped her hands around his neck. She gave me a look and raised her eyebrow.

“Sorry, she was just showing me the Barbie wallpaper on her phone. Cute, right?” Harry lied, his hands slipping on her waist.

“Excuse me?” I protested, extremely pissed.

“Yeah, cute. Whatever. Sean’s waiting inside, come on babe.” She pouted and pulled his hand. Wow, what a slut.

I walked back downstairs, only to find Reese and Zayn fast asleep on the cushion below the couch. Guess they’re sleeping in tonight. I quietly picked up the half-empty bowls of potato chips and popcorn, along with the empty cans of sodas.

I carefully walked to the kitchen, “Let me help you with that.” He said behind me.

“No, I’m fine. Leave me alone.” I shrugged and pushed him out of the way.

“I’m sorry about earlier, I didn’t mean to say that.”

Of course you didn’t." I said sarcastically, purposely dropping the bowls on the counter sink creating a loud thud.

“Why are you so mad at me?”

“Because I’m a fucking little girl who has a Barbie wallpaper, that’s why!!!” I nearly shouted. My hands were already clenched into fists and I could feel the tension rising up inside me.

“I really really really didn’t mean that, I’m sorry!”

“I don’t need your apology, I just want you to leave me alone! Now get out of my way so I can throw a tantrum in my room because I’m such a fucking baby!”

I pushed his shoulder, but before I reached the stairs he pulled me and his lips came crashing down on mine. His grip on my arms were too strong and I couldn’t escape, I stepped backwards as he pushed his body against me. I leaned on the wall as he pushed his lower half on mine, the kiss got more intense and surprisingly I was enjoying it a little.

“Prove to me that you’re not a baby anymore, Jess.” He whispered to my ear, hands slipping inside my top, I could feel its warmth sliding up my waist until it reached the hook of my bra. He slowly unclasped it, but I pulled his arms away and tilted my head to break the kiss.

“Stop, we’ll get caught.” I whispered, panting heavily.

“Let’s get out of here.”


I found myself on the couch, getting blinded by the sunlight beaming from the window. Morning already? I shook my head, trying to recall exactly what happened. Asshole, Harry left me hanging. He didn’t even bother to carry me back to my bedroom, he just left me on the couch, with my shoes and hoodie on.

My whole body ached and I had a hard time standing up. I kept my head down as I walked to the stairs, only to be greeted by my brother’s cheeky voice in the kitchen.

“Good morning, baby sis!! You look wasted. Rough night?” He chuckled, along with Ben, Harry and that blonde girl.

I peeked and gave them a look, my blood boiled when I saw that pathetic face again. Harry kept his eye on the newspaper in front of him, nervously tapping his foot. I wanted to scream at his face, but I couldn’t. It was too risky.

“You all just fucking leave me alone, okay. I’m going to take a shower. Don’t bother entering my room or even make eye contact with me.” I said angrily and swiftly ran upstairs to my room and slammed the door shut.

I felt like crying, the tension inside me was too much. But never will I cry over someone who means nothing to me. I didn’t even know who he really was.

I slowly removed my hoodie and t-shirt, his scent was still there. Every piece of clothing still had his scent. I carelessly threw my clothes on the floor and grabbed a towel to wrap around my aching body.

As I walked out and reached the bathroom door, someone at the other side was already there before me. I wasn’t even surprised to see his face, I knew he would try and talk things out eventually.

“Hey,” He started.

“I don’t even want to hear it. Let’s just forget about everything that happened last night. I don’t know you, and you don’t know me. It’s better that way.” I said, pushing the bathroom door so I could slide my way inside.

I was about to close the door when he spoke, “But I don’t want it that way.”

“I’m sorry for leaving you on the couch last night. I really wanted to bring you back to your room but I didn’t want us to get caught. It was for our own good. I’m really sorry.”

He was right, if we get caught my brother will kill us both. My heart softened after hearing his explanation.

“Can we at least be friends?” he asked, his voice soft and comforting.

I nodded once, “Fine.”

A smile etched upon his face, the deep dimples showing clearly. His smile was so contagious that I didn’t even realize that I was already smiling too. How could someone make me feel like this so fast? This is ridiculous.

Chapter 3

"Jess, I have a party tonight so I won’t be home until.. I don’t know, 3am maybe? I know you can take care of yourself. See you later!! Oh by the way, mom and dad will be home next week."

I sat up on my bed as Sean’s voice mail ended. Another lonely day, thanks Sean. It was 8am and I was awake, stupid body clock. I checked my phone for more messages then it suddenly rang. An unknown number? I waited for it to go on voice mail, “Hey, it’s me Harry. You wanna hang-out today? No wait, that sounded creepy. Uh, n-nevermind. I mean, if you wanna hang-out just-”

“Come on over.” I answered and giggled, I could feel him smile on the other end of the line when I spoke.

“I’ll be there in 5 minutes. Make that 5 seconds, is it alright if I park here?” My eyes widened and I ran to the window, a black Audi R8 parked outside my house. Harry went down holding a box too far away for me to see clearly and on his other hand was a bouquet. I hurriedly went downstairs and opened the door, “How did you get here so fast?”

“Well I was on my way to the grocery store and then you answered, so I made a U-turn towards your street.”

“Liar. You were already planning on going here!” He bit his lip and looked down, “maybe.” he whispered cheekily and chuckled. He kept his head down, but I could clearly see that he was blushing. “These are for you.” he handed me the flowers and the box.

“What for?”

“Since I left you on the couch the other night, this is my way of apologizing.” I opened the box and inside was a huge Crunch candy bar. “How did you know that this is my favorite!?”

"I saw Crunch wrappers on the floor when you left your bedroom door open the first time I saw you."

“You’re very.. Observant, mr.. What’s your last name?”




“Yes, very cute.” I mocked, pinching his cheeks. He suddenly swept my feet off the ground, making me drop the bouquet on the white carpeted floor. He brought me to the living room and dropped me on the couch, tickling me until I could barely breathe. “Stop it, Styles!! Stop please! You’re not cute anymore! Okay I get it!” I laughed harder as his tickling got more intense. I cupped both of his cheeks and crashed my lips on his, making his hands stop and hold my waist. I opened my mouth and tilted my head as he mimicked my movements. Our tongues played inside each others’ mouths and I could hear his low moans as his body pressed against mine. With every move our lips made, his body pushed harder, I could feel his lower part getting hard already. I stopped and pulled away, “There, that’s better.” I breathed out and kissed once more before pulling away completely. He pushed himself up and sat on the couch, my legs on his lap.

“You’re very ticklish,” he said and laughed.

“You’re very easy to get,” I said coolly, biting my lip. He shook his head and smugly smiled, “We’ll see about that.”


We were cuddled up on the couch, the TV was on but it was on mute. My head was resting on his chest, I could feel it rising and falling with every breath he inhaled and exhaled. His arm was wrapped around me, his hand gently placed on my waist and his chin resting on my head. I really liked this sort of arrangement, it felt like we were so comfortable with each others’ presence.

"Your girlfriend will legit murder me if she sees us like this." I joked, placing my legs on top of his.

“What? I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Then who was that blonde girl?”

“She’s an old friend. We did have a thing for each other before, but it didn’t work out.”

“Wow, that sucks. She’s gorgeous.” I felt Harry kiss the top of my forehead and rub my arm, “You’re much better looking, believe me.” he whispered, instantly making me blush. I tilted my head to look at him, “You fucking liar.” I laughed and picked up his shoes and quickly ran towards the backyard.

“Catch me if you can, Styles!” I shouted, swinging his white pair of chucks around. He sprinted towards me and I ran as fast as I can. I nearly tripped a few times because I was laughing really hard while running. As I attempted to run back inside, he caught me from behind, swinging me around by my waist. I tried to escape but he crashed his lips on mine, our heavy breathing making the kiss hotter and more tempting. I dropped the shoes as he pushed me against the wall, parting his lips to dig his tongue inside my mouth. He held me firmly on my shoulders to prevent me from moving, but I wouldn’t dare move anyway. My hands made its way to unbutton his jeans and reach his lower part, I felt him twitch when my cold hands touched his v-line, slowly moving towards the center. His hands released my shoulders as it made its way to my breasts. Those huge, warm hands tracing the lace of my bra as he unclasped it, “Get in me. Now.” I demanded. He lifted my legs so I could wrap it around him, and he walked slowly up the stairs, planting kisses all over my neck as we reached my room and placed me on the bed.

The intoxicating scent of his body made me feel hotter, he brushed his hair away from his face and crushed his lips on mine again. He knew what he was doing, and I was just there to let him do all the work.

“Look who’s easy to get now,” he whispered to my ear, wiping the sweat from my forehead and gently kissing it. I turned my naked body to face him, placing my leg over his.

“Guess we’re even, Styles.”


“You look like a giraffe that was ran over by a dancing elephant after having sex with a panda!” Harry nearly fell on the floor when he laughed at the old photo I showed him.

“That was the worst insult I’ve ever heard in my fucking life.”

“Do you have to swear in every sentence you say!?”

“Yes, you asshole.”

“If you swear again, I can and will kiss you.”

“Oh fuck, I’m sorry.” I bit my lip and traced his collar bones with my middle finger, he suddenly cupped my face, “What did you say?”

“Fu-” He crashed his lips on mine as he swept the photos away from the table, making is scatter all over the floor. He brought me up on the table and laid me down, slowly moving on top of my small body.

“You are a very naughty girl,” he hissed at my ear, nibbling the edge. “You must be punished.”

His hands slithered inside the loose sweater I was wearing, I felt them rest on each side of my waist and I tilted my head up, wondering what he was planning to do.

“What the fu-”

The huge hands suddenly tickled my overly-sensitive waist, he knew that that part was my weakness. My feet jolted back and forth and tried to kick him away, but he stopped when I nearly kicked his groin.

“Now what were you saying?” He cheekily smiled, his face only a few inches from mine.

“You really like tickling me, huh?” I asked, panting heavily.

“Well I can’t fuck you twice in one day.”

Chapter 4

"I spy with my little eyes, a sexy-ass lady beside me." He whispered to my ear, caressing me between his toned arms. I smirked and turned to face him, "I spy with my little eyes a pile of clothes on the floor." I whispered and winked.

It took him a while to catch on, he stared at me with furrowed eyebrows. But it was part of his plan to distract me so he could switch positions.

Now he was laying on top of me, sucking on my neck and following the trail of purple bruises he made before. “I thought you couldn’t fuck me twice in one day?” I joked, tilting my head up so he could reach the top of my neck.

“It’s 2am, which means I can freely fuck you because it’s technically the next day.”

“You just can’t get enough of me, Styles.” I whispered seductively.

I suddenly heard footsteps from outside my door. I pushed Harry off me and carefully listened. His hands slipped slowly on my waist and started kissing my neck again, making sexual noises to distract me. I stuck my index finger firmly on his lips to make him shut up, but he parted his mouth and started sucking on it. I would’ve melted right then and there, he’s making me feel so fucking hot. I heard the footsteps getting louder, “Jess?”

“Oh shit it’s my mom!” I nearly shouted as we both panicked. I ran to the door and locked it, leaning in as I spoke “Mom?” Harry stared at me in shock, his look just telling me “Where the fuck will I hide!?” I pointed to my closet, “Quick! She’s coming!”

“Hey sweetie, are you alright?” My mom kissed me on the forehead and I smiled nervously.

“Why are you home early? I thought you were coming back next week?”

“Our flight was booked early. We forgot to tell you and Sean. Where’s Sean by the way?”

“At a friend’s party I think?”

“Well if he comes home, tell him he’s grounded. Who owns that black sports car parked outside our house?” My eyes widened and a shiver crept up my spine.

“Uh.. Must be our neighbor’s. Good night mom, I’m really tired. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, love you!” I closed the door before she even had time to respond and tiptoed to my closet, only to find Harry holding up my black lingerie.

“What the fuck are you doing!? And who gave you permission to touch my stuff!?”

“You know, I really like women wearing black lingerie.” He said, licking his lips and twirling the laced underwear around his finger. I walked up to him, purposely swaying my hips and biting my lip, “I’ll make sure to tell that to your blonde friend, Styles.” I grabbed the piece of clothing and threw it aside.

“Go home, my mom saw your car.” Harry frowned and childishly pouted, “I’m sorry.” That sweet innocent face he could pull off annoyed the hell out of me, I just couldn’t keep a straight face. I walked to him and cupped his cheeks, “Stop that.” He held my hands and pulled it down, intertwining with mine. “Can I see you tomorrow?”

You wish. Now get out of my house.” I giggled and pinched his cheek.


I was woken up by the continuous ringing of my phone. I had about 7 messages and 4 missed calls all from one person. Voice mail played and I buried half of my face on my pillow while I listened. “Hey, it’s Harry. Good morning! Can you sneak out today? I wanna take you out somewhere.” I smiled when I heard his cheeky voice echo through my phone. I texted him back immediately and asked what time and what I should wear. He replied in a matter of seconds, I was guessing that he’s been waiting for my text all morning.

I stood up and went downstairs to check if anyone was home. Luckily, no one was here. But Sean’s car was parked outside. I checked upstairs to find my brother deeply sleeping on his messy bed, clothes all over the floor and the room smelled like strong alcohol. He’s going to be asleep for the whole day, I can tell.

I tiptoed my way down as Harry texted me that he’s already outside. I left a note on the kitchen table saying that I was out with Reese and I won’t be home ‘til late night.

“Hey you.” He greeted as I entered his car and strapped on my seatbelt. His car smelled unbelievably good. Didn’t expect that from him since most of Sean’s friends’ cars smell like dirty socks or sweat.

“Your car smells nice. I mean, hi.” I blushed and covered my face in embarrassment. He removed my hand and kissed it, “Thank you.” he said and chuckled lightly.

“So where are we going?” I asked to shake off the nervousness I was feeling. Harry smirked and didn’t respond. He drove away and I had no clue where he was taking me.

We ended up at a music store and I raised my eyebrows at him. “Are you going to buy me a Rihanna CD or something?” He laughed as he handed me a set of Post-its and a Sharpie. I still had no idea what we were about to do.

He pulled me inside and went to the Pop/Rock section, “Who’s your favorite artist?” he asked. “I have a lot. Uh, Jesse McCartney?”

“Good. Now think of your favorite songs he sang.” He took the Post-its and started writing down everything that I said. He placed the note on the album cover and I giggled at what he wrote:

Make sure to listen to How Do You Sleep and Into Ya. Great songs!! .xx

He pulled me to another section and we found Paramore’s album.

Once a whore you’re nothing more I’m sorry that’ll never change! Misery Business is the best song! Xx

I pointed to Adele’s album next.

Rolling In The Deep is a tune!! .xx

Soon, we filled up the whole section with sticky notes and we were laughing at ourselves for the silly side comments written on each piece of paper. We suddenly saw security eye us and we sprinted our way back to the car. “Oh my God that was close!” I breathed out.

“Did you enjoy yourself?” Harry asked and brushed the hair away from my face.

“I did. I’ve never done that before!!”

“Me neither.”


“Yeah, I just thought about it the other day and decided that I wanted to try it with you.”

“Why me?”

“I don’t know, I guess you’re just the right person to do it with.”

He grinned and I saw his cheeks blush a light shade of pink. I leaned in to peck his cheek but he turned his head to kiss my lips instead. The kiss felt different, this time it was more passionate. He opened his mouth as I did the same and the kiss got more intense. I tugged on his soft locks and he cupped my cheeks to pull me closer. We both started to move to the backseat, struggling on the limited space we had to switch positions.

We finally figured it out, and soon we were barely even wearing clothes. “I really like you, Jess.” Those words suddenly came out of nowhere and I tilted my head to break the kiss.

“What?” I asked, our eyes intensely locked on each other.

“I like you. I really like you. Is that bad?”

“Yes it is! Do have any idea what trouble we could get into if my brother finds out? Or even my parents!” I was shouting now. I pushed him aside and quickly wore my clothes. “Please, just take me home.” I begged and strapped my seatbelt on, looking away from him.

Chapter 5

It was a quiet drive home, he parked a few feet away from my house when he saw a glimpse of Sean’s car at the garage. Harry looked at me and reached for my hand, I quickly shoved it away and stepped out of his car. I walked straight towards my house and as I reached the door, I slightly looked behind, the tinted windshield preventing me from seeing his pained expression. I felt guilty for not even thanking him for driving me home, but I couldn’t talk to him. I might end up breaking down and telling him how hard it is for us to even be together.

But I wanted to.

I watched him drive away, Sean tapped my shoulder and the smell of strong alcohol burned through my nostrils. “Where have you been, baby sis?”

“I left a note in the kitchen, didn’t you see it?”

“No, I just woke up when you came home. My head hurts, I’m going back to bed.” He wobbled his way upstairs and I followed from behind, my hands in front of me just in case he loses his balance and I have to push him back up.

I lay in bed and Harry never left my mind. My phone rang a couple of times but I never picked up, knowing who was calling made me feel worse.

"This is Jess, I’m busy right now and I can’t pick up. Leave a message!" *beep*

"Hey, I hope you’re alright. I’m sorry for what happened earlier, I didn’t mean to offend you in any way or… Uh, nevermind. Fuck." His voice mail ended and I stared at the ceiling, my eyes welling up and tears streamed my already damp cheeks.

I picked up my phone and read every message as my eyes got all blurry from the never ending tears. There were short messages, most of them didn’t make sense and the long ones were all sorry’s and I’m such an idiot remarks.


Harry’s POV

I ended the call when I choked up on my words. Who was I kidding? I know that she doesn’t feel the same way, she just used her brother as an excuse to not hurt my feelings. I mean nothing to her, I called her a child and maybe I was right. She’s just a little girl who’s messing with my head, no other intentions, all she wanted was lust and sex.

I grabbed a bottle of beer and drank away the pain I was feeling. The beer burned in my throat as I took a large swig, nearly emptying the bottle in just seconds. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 bottles later, my eyes were all blurry and my whole body felt heavier. The dizziness I was feeling was definitely not helping.

“Harry, you want some of this?” A female voice whispered in my ear as I felt her push her breasts on my shoulder. “I want you.” I whispered and crushed my lips on hers, the taste of smoke in her mouth mixing with the taste of strong alcohol on mine made my head spin. I recklessly removed her clothes, my eyes and head still spinning and I couldn’t figure out who she even was. But I didn’t care.

She started sucking on my neck as I slid my hands inside her, making her moan loudly. Her nails scratched my back as I groaned in pain, but I was craving for more. Pleasure was what I wanted to feel, but the pleasure was mixed with pain, physically and emotionally. I parted my lips and she snuck her tongue into my mouth, exploring my own. She playfully bit my lower lip as she giggled, her delicate fingers tracing my collar bones.

She reached down and I felt shivers up my spine as I felt her mouth touching the side of my v-line, “I want more, Jess!” I groaned.

“Who the fuck is Jess?!” The girl shouted and pushed herself up. I snapped back to reality as I realized who it was. My eyesight became clearer when I saw my friend Allison in front of me.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” I asked angrily.

“You called me over, asshole! You were all 'Hey baby, wanna come over and have sex?'"

I rubbed my temples with two fingers and tried to recall if I really did that. Of course I can’t remember, I’m drunk as fuck.

“I’m leaving, Styles. If you want to have sex with me, get my name right you dick!” She slammed the door shut, making me feel the vibration under the bed.

“Bitch.” I breathed out and closed my eyes.


I woke up with an extremely painful headache, the throbbing just wouldn’t stop. Turning to my side, I felt a hand graze over mine. The touch felt familiar, I flickered my eyes open and found Jessie with a soft smile on her face. Her eyes, I remembered was a deep shade of brown, but right now it was lighter, sort of hazel. I nearly jumped when I saw her laying on my bed, seeing as I was completely naked and my face was a wreck.

I cupped her face with my hands and rubbed it with my thumbs. “I’m sorry.”

“For what? For the 35 messages you sent me last night?” She giggled as I pulled away, “What?”

“By the smell of alcohol in your mouth, you were obviously drunk. I actually like drunk Harry Styles, he’s very sincere.”

“Shut up, Jess! What the fuck did I even send!?” I grabbed the phone in my left pocket and scrolled through my sent messages “Shit.”

Jessie laughed hard and applauded me, “Read one!”


“Come on! I’ve read them all anyway!”

“Fine! 'Jess, I need you here with me right now. I miss you, your hands, your face, your everything.'" My face blushed a thousand shades of red when she chuckled harder. All I did was bury my face under the pillows and groan at her never ending reaction.

“How did you even get in my house?” I asked.

“Read the last message, dear.”

'I left the keys under the mat to our front door.' Oh great, I even quoted the song?! I’m never drinking again!”

She threw a pillow at me as she laughed harder, nearly falling off the bed and tears were already falling from her eyes. I cupped her face and kissed her plump lips, “Enough.” I whispered.

I’m home, baby." She sang and kissed me again, I felt her smile between the kiss and I knew things would be alright for a while.

Chapter 6

Sean’s sleeping over at Ben’s tonight, I called in sick. Can I come over? By the way, good morning .xx

Harry’s text woke me up and I immediately replied.

-My parents will be home though? Good morning :) xo

-Well can you come over at my place then? Tell your parents you’re sleeping over at a friend’s house. Lie for me, sweetie? ;) .x

-The things I do for you! See you later :* xoxoxo

-Can’t wait, beautiful :) .xxx

That huge smile on my face slowly faded when I realized that I had to lie to my parents. I hate lying to them, but somehow Harry’s got me wrapped around his finger and I just felt like a bit of lying wouldn’t hurt. Or would it?


"Hey! You’re early!!" Harry greeted as he scooped me up in his toned arms and spun me around, playfully kissing my plump lips.

"You smell nice," I said and giggled, my cringe-worthy lines making me blush hard and feel a tad bit embarrassed with myself.

"You smell better, baby." He said and and brushed his nose on my neck, slowly moving towards my lips so he could kiss me again. We kept static for a few seconds, trying to savour the short sweet moment we were having to ourselves. He parted his lips as I did the same, his tongue playfully moving on mine.

"Mmm, I like you." He moaned between the kiss.

"I like you too." I whispered back and smiled.

"Now miss Jessie Trachenburg, today you are the queen and I am your slave. Make me do whatever you want." Harry said, his voice shifting from normal to a funny royal accent.

"What are you up to, Styles?" I asked curiously as I raised my eyebrows at him.

"Come on, babe. Just go with the flow!! What do you want me to do? Make me eat a jar of Nutella? Do a hundred push-ups? Dance the macarena? Strip for you?

"Well honey, stripping for a queen would be quite inappropriate don’t you think?" I giggled, but I did want him to strip for me, I wanted that so bad.

"You’re no fun." He pouted like a child and crossed his arms. I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned closer to whisper at his ear, "Fine. Entertain me, slave." I licked the side of his ear and my warm breath brushed on his neck, making him bite his lip.

Harry pushed me on the couch and dimmed the lights. He stepped slowly on the coffee table and stripped off his dark blue shirt, revealing his 6-pack. He threw the shirt at my face and I chuckled, and as I peeked, he was already unbuttoning his jeans and slowly pulled it down along with his boxers, revealing his lower part. I sat still as he stepped down and walked over to me, I eyed him up and down and his body was making the atmosphere hotter than an oven. He stopped only a few inches from me, “Enjoying the view, my queen?” I bit my lip as I kept my eyes on one particular part, “Very much.”

"Now get in me, you slave." I demanded and pulled him on top of me, removing my top and slipping off my skirt.

He crashed his lips on mine and I felt him smile, “The queen having sex with her own slave? This is going to make the front page, darling.”

I giggled as I gave a quick kiss, “If my slave is fucking fit, then why not?”

"Now shut up and fuck me, slave."

"Of course, my lady."

He placed his hands on my hips and pulled me close to his body. With an open mouth, he moved from my lips, to my tongue, then down over my chin and to my throat. I kept my grip on his chocolate brown curls as he worked his way down, exploring every inch of my body. He stopped and sucked on the side of my thigh, making me moan and push his head lower. “Say you want me!” He demanded.

"I want you."


"I want you so fucking much!”

"Good girl. I mean, yes your majesty.”


"Can you get me a glass of water?" I asked Harry and continued reading the book I found on his shelf.

"Hey, I’m not your slave anymore. Go get your own." He answered crankily, voice still deep as he just woke up from a tiring nap.

"Fine, cranky prick. Go get your own.” I nagged and dragged my feet off the bed and attempted to walk to the kitchen, but he grabbed my hand and pulled me back on the bed. “What did you call me?” his voice low and I could barely hear him.

"A prick, you’re a fucking prick.”

"Can you stop saying all those fucking words!? That’s all I ever hear from you!” He shouted, my eyes widened in shock because I didn’t expect that he would say that.

"Why are you yelling at me?!" I shouted back and pulled my hand from his grip.

"Because I can’t stand you cursing all the time!!!"

"Well you’re going to have to live with it if you want me to be your girlfriend!!” I blurted out and immediately covered my mouth.

His face softened and I saw his mouthends curve upward from the corner of my eye. “Why are you smiling?” I asked, pissed. He sat up and slid his arms around my waist from behind and whispered to my ear, “Would you like me to be your boyfriend?”

I felt butterflies in my stomach and my heart pumped faster, I wanted that more than anything right now. But I was scared of the consequences.

"Yes, but…" I started, but when he heard me say that one word, he removed his hands on my waist and sat down at the other side of the bed, looking away from me.

"I just… I’m scared of what might happen."

"What are you even afraid of?" He whispered, eyes on the floor.

I moved over to the other side and wrapped my arms on his waist and leaned my head on his shoulder. He slightly turned his head and kissed the side of my forehead, “Do you want to be with me?” He whispered.

"More than anything." I whispered back.

"Then be with me. I don’t care about the consequences, you’re the only one that matters."

I felt a tear stream down my face, “But if things don’t turn out the way we want them to be, we’ll both regret this.”

"No regrets, just love." He cupped my face and gently planted a kiss on my lips, his thumbs brushing away the continuous flow of tears.

Chapter 7

"Close your eyes." Harry whispered, his hot breath tickling my ear. I smiled and closed them slowly, biting my lip as I felt his hand graze over the side of my exposed hip, gently drawing circles around it as it moved on my stomach. His had slowly slid down until it reached the spot I was waiting for him to touch. The warmth of his hand made my breathing heavier, both my hands were clenched into fists and nearly strangling the duvet cover.

"Sshh, relax baby." The soft tone of his voice and the touch of his lips on the edge of my ear made me calm down, yet there was still excitement and pleasure inside me waiting for that satisfaction.

His fingers drew smaller circles on the edge of my most sensitive part, goosebumps creeping up my skin. As he slid his fingers inside me, I moaned loud and he was clearly amused by my reaction.

His fingers dug deeper inside and I sqeezed his arm, my fingernails making deep red marks on his tan skin. As he stopped and slowly slid his fingers away, I sighed deeply and he cradled me in his arms.

"How’d it feel?" He asked.

"You incredible little fuck." I chuckled, trying to catch my breath.


"Do I look alright in this dress?" I asked Harry, looking from the reflection of the mirror in front of me.

"Do you really want me to answer that, honey?"


"Of course you do! You look good in anything! But you look better wearing nothing at all, darling." His cheeky remark made me giggle as I carelessly removed the tight silky red dress and threw it at his face.

I unhooked my bra and two callous hands slid around my waist, the mop of curls tickling the side of my face as he planted kisses all over my neck. “Can’t you go to the party naked instead?” He joked and pulled me closer.

"Well wouldn’t that tempt the other boys? You wouldn’t have me to yourself." I winked, grabbing his hands and placing them on the side of my breasts. "Make the most out of this moment, we can’t be together the whole night."

"Good point." He crashed his lips on mine and massaged his fingers around the edge of my breasts, my hand grabbing hold of his crotch and doing the same.

I pulled away and wore Harry’s loose blue hoodie laying on the ground and sat on his bed, “Do you even have a gift for Sean yet?” I asked.

"He’s turning 19, a bottle of his favorite vodka will do. How about you? You’re the little sister, after all.” He chuckled lightly.

"I bought him an electronic cigarette."

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah! I’m trying to protect his and my lungs, just so you know!?”

Harry laughed his way the bed and wrapped his arm around me, “We better get ready then.”


Can’t wait to see my beautiful girlfriend .xx

I smiled to myself when I read Harry’s short message.

"Jess? Are you ready to go?" Sean asked from outside the bathroom door.

"Yeah, I’ll be right out!" I fluffed my newly curled hair, added a little more blush on my cheeks and pulled the neckline of my dress a little lower.

We reached the club and a crowd of people shouting Sean’s name pushed me aside. A bottle of champagne was popped as Happy Birthday’s echoed through the private venue.

I walked over to the empty bar and ordered a drink, the crowd still going crazy in Sean’s direction and I chuckled, knowing that Sean invited more than half of his school.

"Excuse me miss, is this seat taken?" A familiar husky voice whispered in my ear. I jumped when I saw Harry, "What are you doing here? We can’t be seen together!" I panicked.

"Don’t worry, he won’t see us. He’s too distracted over there." Harry pursed his lips, asking for a kiss and I looked left and right, hoping Sean wouldn’t see me. I gave him a quick kiss, but his teeth bit my bottom lip, keeping our lips locked. I pulled away and pushed his chest, "Stop, Harry. We can’t do this right now."

He sighed and nodded, placing his hands in his pockets and slowly walked away. He looked back and smiled at me, and I automatically smiled back.

"Jess!!" Reese’s squeeky voice shouted from behind me, Louis holding her by the waist. She approached and gave me a tight hug, Louis giving me a quick kiss on the cheek.

"This place is amazing!! Have you met the DJ!?" Reese asked, excitement building up in her voice.

I searched for the DJ booth, only to find an empty spot and recorded music playing in the background. “But there’s no-” I was cut off when I saw a man standing in front of me, deep hazel eyes and a perfectly done quiff made my mouth hung open.

"This is Zayn Malik, the club’s best DJ." Reese said as Zayn offered a hand for me to shake. His hand was warm and soft, the type you wanna hold hands with while you’re walking in the park, eating ice cream and enjoying the heat of the sun.

I shook my head and snapped back to reality, but I was still speechless. My eyes were locked on his, and his pearly whites nearly blinded me.

"Y-you have nice teeth." I blurted out. Shit, here I go again.

"Thanks babe, what’s your name?" His strong British accent made my heart beat faster.

"Her name’s Jessie, but you can call her Jess." Reese saved me.

He smiled again, “I’ll see you later, Jess.”

So maybe I had a crush on the DJ, that’s no big deal right?


The night went by fast and before you know it, everyone was tipsy and grinding on the dance floor. The loud music echoed in my ears and I carelessly danced by myself. My arms and hips swayed along with the beat, seeing glimpses of Reese, Louis and a few other people I knew did the same.

Hands suddenly slid around my waist, I was too intoxicated to see who it really was. But my mind was set on one curly-haired boy, I was expecting him to dance with me anyway. I turned around and crashed my lips on his as I wrapped my arms around his neck, and slowly moved it towards his hair. That’s when I realized that it wasn’t who I thought it would be.

The kiss felt different, the taste of his mouth and touch of his lips were new. The curls weren’t there, just finely waxed black strands tangled between my fingers.

Shit. I pushed the man away and rubbed my eyes, Zayn stood inches away from me, shocked at the sudden rejection. I immediately looked for Harry, but he was already on his way out of the bar…

With a blonde-haired girl holding tightly on his arm.

Chapter 8

Harry’s POV

"I want you to fuck me, Harry. Fuck me hard." She demanded, the heat of her breath tickling the edge of my neck as she moved closer to reach my lips, her tongue asking for access to enter my mouth. I opened it willingly, letting it slip under mine. I moaned when I felt her hand draw circles around my thigh, her long fingers and sharp nails moving closer to my lower part. I wasn’t drunk, just tipsy. But I was pissed, seeing my own girlfriend make out with a guy she barely knew. I’m disappointed in her, but I’m more disappointed with myself. This wouldn’t have happened if I stayed with her all night.

"Harry, you’re getting your hard on." She giggled as she gripped on my lower part, making me groan loudly.

"Fuck!" I tugged on her long blonde locks to tilt her head up and I sat straight to fix my gaze on her glimmering gray eyes. I breathed heavily as I moved closer to plant kisses on her pale neck, sucking it hard and making sure to leave dark purple marks. I was angry, pissed and I hated myself. I’m supposed to be doing this with Jessie, not some girl I found at the club.

But it’s her fault, she kissed someone else.


Jessie’s POV

I struggled to look for Harry around the small town, I was running in one direction with tears streaming down my face. I was lost and didn’t know where to go. There were multiple motels which I thought of entering to look for Harry, but I would probably waste my time because I know he would be long gone and far away, busy fucking that blonde girl.

I was exhausted from running and the alcohol inside me was making it worse. I leaned on the huge metal pole beside me and placed my hands on each side of my head, hoping it would lessen the dizziness that I was feeling. My stomach wasn’t in good terms at all, so I threw up on the spot, carelessly wiping my mouth with my brand new dress

My eyesight was beginning to darken, my head throbbed in pain. My back slid down on the pole until I was sitting on the cold concrete sidewalk. I nearly fainted when I felt two hands carry me effortlessly, my eyesight not functioning properly to see who it was and my nose only smelled the scent of vomit on my dress.


I woke up with my head throbbing, I stretched and turned my head to one side. The sun beaming from the window blinded me, and I immediately sat up and tried to look for my phone. Hold on, where am I? I realized that I was on my bed, wearing nothing but a loose shirt I swear I think I’ve seen before. Oh right, Harry owns this. Shit. Harry.

Where the fuck is he? My mind wandered off thinking that he still might be in bed with the chick he ran away with last night.

My hand reached for the small desk near my bed, only to find a glass of water and aspirin on top with a note beside it:

I took you home. Don’t worry, your brother didn’t ask. I’m sorry.

.xx Harry

I crumpled the note and threw it away, I was still so angry at him. After fucking that girl last night, he would still have the guts to carry me home and even leave a stupid note. I drank the medicine and gulped down the glass of water immediately.

I swiftly walked out my door and went to Sean’s room. Locked. He definitely doesn’t want to be bothered the whole day.

I went downstairs, “Mom? Dad?” I asked. No response. Not knowing what time it is, I just assumed they’re at work.

As I walked to the kitchen, “Holy shit!” I shouted as I saw those familiar green eyes looking at me, his body leaning on the counter top and drinking coffee.

"What the fuck are you doing here?!” I tried to whisper, aware of Sean sleeping upstairs.

"So much for saving you last night. You’re welcome by the way." Harry said sarcastically.

"Maybe the blonde girl should be the one thanking you for fucking her last night.” I crossed my arms and furrowed my eyebrows.

He chuckled lightly, “nothing happened.”

I tapped my foot repeatedly and waited for an explanation.

"I took her to a small motel, we almost fucked. But we didn’t, I was aware of the consequences and the whole time we were in bed, I was thinking of you. You never left my mind.

"But at some point I was imagining you fucking that guy you kissed. So I ran away immediately to look for you."

His words were sincere enough for me to believe, but he was making me feel all guilty because he actually saw me kiss Zayn.

"I-I’m sorry." I knew my words weren’t enough, I saw his pained expression and I could barely look at him anymore.

"No, I’m sorry. I should’ve stayed with you last night. I should’ve kept my eye on you, or at least stayed as close as possible to protect you."

"Protect me?"

"You’re a fucking beautiful girl, Jess!! Any guy would want you! You’re mine, okay?

I smiled when those words escaped his mouth, he can be so dramatic at times.

I heard him chuckle under his breath, “We’re a fucked up couple, aren’t we?” I giggled at his response, “You’re totally right, Harold.”

He placed his hands in his pockets and walked over to me, “I’m sorry. Can we start over?” I placed my arms around him, his fresh scent hovered under my nose. He wrapped his arms around me as well, toned and muscular, just the way I liked it. “Of course.” was all I said.

"What the fuck is going on?!" An angry voice shouted from behind us.

Holy shit.

Chapter 9

I nearly fainted when I saw Sean’s dark piercing eyes stare straight at Harry. I’ve never seen him this angry before, not at me, but at Harry. Or anyone. Ever.

Before I know it, Sean was strangling Harry on the kitchen floor. Curse words and shouting ringing in my ears. I was shouting back, "STOP IT! Sean!! Let go of him!!" But it was useless.

Tears kept streaming down my face and I covered my ears, screaming louder until all my energy was drained.

"Harry get out of my house!!!" I shouted. They both stopped. Harry was panting heavily, I could barely look at him. I kept my eyes away from the both of them, but I could see their bruised faces anyway. Sean loosened his grip on Harry’s shirt and pushed him, about to walk away.

I watched Sean step a few feet away from him, Harry’s eyes locked on mine and lips pursed. He slowly opened his mouth, about to say something, “Just go, Harry. Please. I don’t want to see you anymore.” I blurted out. Harry sighed and looked down, I swear I saw a tear fall from his pale, bruised face.

And he was gone. Shit.

I was left alone with Sean, he was quietly standing behind the kitchen counter, avoiding eye contact.

"Are you happy now?” I hissed at Sean. His expression softened, guilty-looking even. But I was feeling the exact opposite. I headed up the stairs and slammed my bedroom door shut.


Harry’s POV

I kept my head down as the alcohol slowly poisoned my body, making me sweat all over and I can feel my heart pumping.

Thud thud thud

No, I’m not that kind of guy who will find a random chick at a club and have sex with her to ease the pain. I’ve been like that once, but it made me feel worse. So I changed.

"Harry? Harry…" A small voice tried to call my attention, but the bass pumping through my ears was distracting and I could barely figure out who it was.

She touched my shoulder. “Go away, I’m not interested.” I said and pushed her hand off me. But she held on again, but this time it was tighter. She squeezed my shoulder and tried to make me look at her. “I SAID I’M NOT INTERESTED!”

"Harry fucking Styles, look at me!!” Jessie. Well fuck.

I shook my head and my face started heating up. I was angry. Not at her, but at myself. I feel like such a coward for letting myself walk out instead of fighting for her. I love her, for Pete’s sake!!

"I thought you didn’t want me?! I thought you didn’t want to see me anymore?!" I shouted, the people around us stopped dancing and the music was lowered down.

Jessie cupped my face with both her hands, “Harry, baby. You’re drunk, you don’t know what you’re saying. Come on, I’ll take you home.” Her soothing words made me melt inside, tears started streaming down my face and I panted heavily as I leaned on her chest.

"Sshh baby, I’m so sorry. Come on now, we’ll talk about this at home."

At home!? She can’t take me back to her house, or even mine. But I was intoxicated and too weak to say a word.


I opened my eyes and my head started to pound. I’m home? No. This place looks familiar, but this isn’t my room.

"We’re in your dad’s bungalow, baby. Your sister said we could stay for a while." Her angelic voice echoed through the other side of the bedroom door.

I peeked and found her wearing my white loose shirt, and nothing but that white loose shirt. She entered the room and I laid back down, covering my half-nakedness with a blue duvet cover.

She sat on the bed, her dazzling brown eyes staring right at me, a small smile on her face. “I like drunk Harry.” she giggled.

"Did we have sex?" I bluntly asked, but I couldn’t help but smile.

"No, but I found out so many things about you Harold." She chuckled this time, and my mouth hung open.

"You should drink more often, dear. And maybe next time I should record your voice. You know, for blackmailing purposes."

"Holy shit Jess!! Don’t you dare tell anyone what I told you! I don’t even know what I said but just be quiet or else!!" I shouted, laughing. I grabbed her by the waist and strangled her down the bed, making me lie on top of her.

"Or else what?" she whispered as she bit her lip, her finger slowly tracing mine.

I crashed my lips on her, the taste of her lips made my headache disappear. The sweet scent of her body making me feel a thousand times better.

"Forgive me?" she whispered between the kiss.

"For what?"

"For saying that I don’t want to see you anymore. You know I didn’t mean that, right?"

I nodded once. Right now, at this very moment, I know she’s still mine and I’m hers.

"Make love to me?" she whispered softly as her hand entwined with mine.

Anything that’s worth having Is sure enough, worth fighting for

Quitting’s out of the question When it gets tough

Gotta fight some more

We’ve gotta fight, fight, fight, fight

Fight for this love

We’ve gotta fight, fight, fight, fight

Fight for this love

We’ve gotta fight, fight, fight, fight

Fight for this love

If it’s worth having

It’s worth fighting for

Chapter 10

"Wake up, baby." He whispered in my ear, his arms caressing my body. He pressed his lips to my hair and started humming to Conor Maynard’s song Can’t Say No. I instantly smiled, feeling victorious that I got that song stuck in his head because I’ve been singing along to it all night.

I turned to my side to face him and opened my eyes. His bright green eyes were staring straight into mine, his smile was soft and warm, until he lightly chuckled. ”Jess, Jess, I just can’t say no.” He whispered and kissed me passionately.

"Good morning to you too, baby." I said and smiled.

My smiled faded when I saw my phone light up and Sean’s name flashed on the screen. Shit.

"Go home. We need to talk."

Double shit. I looked up at Harry who was having trouble buttoning up his white shirt, he looked back and saw my expression. “What’s wrong?”

"Sean wants me to go home."

"What? Right now? No! He might hurt you! Or not let you out of the house anymore!! Are you crazy?!" Harry was furious.

"I have to face him sooner or later, he’s my brother."

We were both stuck staring at each other, I could see the pain in his eyes and maybe he could see mine as well. He stood a few inches away from me, his lips were in a hard straight line and eyebrows furrowed.

"Please stay. No matter how hard it is to be with me. Just stay." My heart melted when I heard him say those sincere words.

I would do anything for this boy. I love him so much.

He sat beside me on the bed and entwined his hand with mine, “I love you. Stay with me.”

No words came out of my mouth. I just crashed my lips on his, making us both stumble on the bed and wrapping ourselves under the white sheets. I rolled over to lay on top of him, caressed both his cheeks and planted another gentle kiss. “I love you so much, Harry Styles. Of course I’ll stay.”


"Okay, pretend I’m your boss. Make a brief introduction about yourself." I said to Harry.

"Well if my boss was that hot, I wouldn’t be able to say a word." He answered and licked his lower lip.

"Oh fuck, Harold. Not now. No lip biting!”

He chuckled lightly and sat up straight, “Good morning, ma’am. I’m here to apply for a job, my name is Harry Styles.” I covered my mouth to stop myself from laughing, but somehow I didn’t manage to stop anyway.

"What’s so funny?!" Harry pushed my shoulders so I can stumble on the bed, laying on top of me, he planted kisses all over my face.

"Stop laughing or I’ll fuck you while you’re blindfolded!" he said, voice low and oh so tempting. I kissed him, “Mmmm, I would like that very much” I whispered between the kiss.

He raised his eyebrows and showed an evil smile, this is going to be good. He reached for the floral handkerchief in my jeans pocket and slowly pulled me up, tying the cloth around my head, he whispered “Are you sure about this?”

"More than ever, baby." I felt him knot the cloth as I was left kneeling on the bed. Where’d he go? I suddenly felt his hands pull on my legs, stripping off my jeans. I felt his bare chest lean against mine and slowly unbuttoned my top. He planted kisses along my neck as he entwined his fingers on the small ribbon on the side of my underwear.

I felt his hair tickle my face, his body slowly moving behind me. With one pull, my underwear was long gone. He placed his warm hands on my waist, “you’re beautiful.”

Thrust. “Aaah!” I moaned.


"You expect me to get a job that easily when we both move to Brighton?" Harry asked, stroking my dark locks as I lay on his chest.

"I have to find a job too, you know. Do you think this is a good idea?" I wondered and looked him in the eye.

"Moving in together?"

"No, running away." I corrected him.

"I don’t know."

"So you’re not sure of this either?"

Harry sighed, “No, I’m not. I don’t even know if what I’m doing is right anymore.”

"What do you mean?" My mood was changing now.

"Am I good enough for you?"

"Of course you are! You’re more than enough!

"But I’m asking you to run away with me, that’s such a huge sacrifice. Leaving your family and everything behind…"

"That’s because I love you! I thought you wanted me to stay?"

"I do!! I really do, but…"

Make up your fucking mind! Do you want me to stay or not?!” I was half way out the door, quickly buttoning up my shirt and wearing my shoes.

Harry ran to block the door, his face pained. “Please, stay.

I cupped his face and brushed my thumbs over his cheeks, he slightly tilted his head and closed his eyes. He looks so innocent, I like this side of Harry.

Tomorrow. We’re leaving tomorrow. You and me, baby. Just you and me.

Just take my hand
Fall in love with me again
Let’s run away to the place
Where love first found us
Let’s run away for the day
Don’t need anyone around us

Chapter 11

"Do you even know where we’re going?" I asked, Harry’s expression was serious. His face softened then chuckled lightly, "nope."

"You never fail to amuse me, Harold." I giggled as he flashed a wicked grin. Wow, I love this man so much.

"Are you tired? There’s a motel ahead, we can sleep in for the night." Harry suggested.

"Or not sleep at all." I winked, "would you prefer sex in the car?"

"Hmm, would you baby?" he grinned. I smiled, and he knew exactly what I meant.

"Ditto, baby. Ditto.


Fuck, Harry!” I groaned, ” it’s so hot in here!” Wiping the sweat off my forehead, slowly moving my hips as I lay on top of him.

"Mmm, I like it hot." he whispered as he nibbled the side of my ear. I crashed my lips on his and kissed him hard, not allowing him to breathe.

Nearly suffocating him, his hands tangled between my hair and pulled me closer, our teeth clashing and bodies colliding.

"You are one amazing woman." he panted, kissing me once more and we both drifted to a deep slumber.


I’m feeling sexy and free

Like glitter’s raining on me

You’re like a shot of pure gold

I think I’m about to explode

I felt the bass of the music thumping beneath me as Harry rubbed my shoulder. ”Wake up, my queen! We’re home!” Harry said excitedly.

Home? What is he even saying? I rubbed my eyes and looked out the window. A beautiful white apartment stood before us. My eyes widened in shock, Harry can’t afford this! I can’t either!! We’re two broke teenagers who ran away from home, is he crazy?!

"Are you crazy?!"

"Relax, baby. My aunt owns this place, she said we could stay here until we find a house of our own." I sighed in relief, I thought Harry has gone mental.

"Wait, she knows that you, err, we ran away?”

Harry bit his lip, “yeah. But we can trust her, promise! She did the same when she was 20.”

I furrowed my eyebrows, “no shit?”

"No, shit. Promise, promise."

We were welcomed by Harry’s aunt, Aunt Delilah and her husband Uncle Fred.

"It’s so good to see you again, sweetie! We missed you so much!" Aunt Delilah greeted and kissed Harry on the cheek. I stood awkwardly behind Harry, his hand entwined with mine.

"This is my girlfriend, Jessie."

"Hello, dear! Nice to meet you, you look lovely." I was forced to let go of Harry’s grip when she pulled me into a hug.

Harry coughed, “Is it alright if we stay a few days?”

"Of course, dear! Stay as long as you want." Wow, his family is very… welcoming. But I’m having doubts. This is just wrong, I’m getting worried.


I lay on the bed beside Harry, no sex for tonight of course. I was facing the other side, away from him, when I suddenly felt his arm wrap around me. “Are you alright, baby?”

"Mm-hmm." My voice was too low to hear.

"Tell me what’s wrong." He knows me too well.

"What if we get caught? What if we get caught and be forced to never see each other again? What if my family decides to move just to get away from you?" I was sobbing really hard.

Harry pulled me closer to him and kissed my hair, “Ssshh, baby. I’m here, I won’t let go of you. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep us together. I love you.”

I kept crying, I closed my eyes and forced myself to sleep. As long as I’m in his arms, I know I’m safe.

"No! You are not allowed to see that filthy bastard again!!"

"But Sean, I love him!! Please don’t do this!"

"Oh, you love him? How about now? Do you still love him? If I beat the shit out of him, would you still love him?!"

"No, Sean!! Don’t hurt him again!! Sean, stop!! Please, stop hurting him!!!"

"You’re a coward, Styles. You can’t even fight back!!"

Harry’s POV

"NOOOOOO!!!" She screamed at the top of her lungs. She shifted quickly, gasping for air.

"Jess! Wake up!!" I kept my hands grasped tightly on her arms, "Baby, you’re having a nightmare! Wake up!!"

She flicked her eyes open and bursted into tears when she saw me. I hugged her tightly and tried to calm her down.

"Harry, I don’t want to lose you." she whispered, panting heavily on my damp chest.

"I’m here, baby. I’m not going anywhere."

"It’s not about you going anywhere, it’s about me." she suddenly whispered.


Chapter 12 (Part 1)

"Jess, catch!" Harry shouted as he threw the soccer ball right at me. I screamed and punched it before it hit my face.

"Nice reflex, baby!" he shouted again, his voice amused.

"Asshole! You know I hate balls!" He ran closer to me and picked it up, "except my balls.” he whispered, winked and ran away before I got the chance to respond. He went back to playing with his mates Niall, Liam and Louis in the large open field near Louis’ house.

We decided to travel to Doncaster for a while, just to clear our heads from all worries and bullshit. I inhaled deeply, the fresh scent of grass and no pollution. I wish it was like this everyday.

"Hey." Liam’s girlfriend, Danielle, sat beside me. She’s one gorgeous woman, it feels so awkward to sit next to her. Her brown curls were being blown away by the wind, she giggled as she tucked it behind her ears.

"So how are things going with you and Liam?" I asked, a sincere smile planted on my face.

"We’re doing great! He’s such a charmer. How about you? With Harry?"

"Same, I guess. I’m just happy to be with him. I forget about all my problems." I lied.

Danielle nodded and smiled. Drops of water started prickling down on our skin and the bleachers. Oh no no no!! I hate rain! Danielle and I ran to the nearest tree for cover, but the boys simply laughed at us and continued playing.

"Afraid of a little water, love?" Harry asked, his hair, face, body was soaking wet. Wow, he’s turning me on. I bit my lip and looked at him up and down, I could see the form of his abs from under his wet shirt. Oh dear, I wanna touch him bad.

"Like what you see?" he walked closer and suddenly pulled me to him, the cold rain sending shivers down my spine. Harry kept his arm around my waist, his eyes never leaving mine. His free hand wiped the ruined mascara under my eyes, "I wanna kiss you so bad."

"Then kiss me." And he did. His supple lips crashed down on mine, wet, playful and just perfect.

"I love you so much, Jess. You’re mine, okay? Only mine."

"I love you more."


Harry started sniffing on the way back to Louis’ house. Ha, I knew it. Playing in the rain was a bad idea, although I enjoyed some part of it.

"You need to rest, baby." I said as he willingly let me remove his shirt.

"Warm bath first, medicine, then rest."

"Yes, ma’am." He teased.

I smirked, “I just don’t want a sick boyfriend. Now get up and take a bath.”

"Join me?" he asked shyly. I smiled and he knew my answer was yes.

We stayed in the bath tub for what, hours or so? I’m glad Louis has a spare bedroom with a bathroom in it. We could stay here all day. I want to, as long as I’m with Harry.

I rested my head on his damp chest, his arms and legs wrapped around me. I closed my eyes and sighed, he started humming to Phillip Larue’s song Found. It made me relax more, I could feel the vibration of his chest as he hummed.

"When you’re lost, lost, lost in love, you never wanna be found." He sang softly and buried his face in my hair, kissing it gently.

"Let’s go?" he asked, sniffing again. I nodded once and kissed him quick.


I was wide awake at 2 in the morning. Harry was deep asleep. His arm was wrapped around me, I could barely move. I studied the features of his face. He looks so peaceful, and stress-free. He looks like an angel. My little angel, whom I love with all my heart.

I didn’t know why I couldn’t sleep. Maybe the thought of running away still bothered me. I just know they’ll find us, and this will end badly. Am I strong enough to handle this? No. Are we strong enough? I closed my eyes and prayed that I would just fall asleep.

"Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Now’s not a good time. Don’t cry!" I whispered to myself over and over.

"Don’t fucking pull the trigger!" I shouted. I picked up a piece of shattered glass on the floor, "if you pull the trigger, I’ll kill myself!"

I pointed the sharp object and dug it deep in my skin, blood started oozing out.

"You just don’t understand how much he means to me!"

"I understand, Jessie. I really do, but maybe I just don’t fucking care!"


"FUCK!!! NO!!!"

"Jess! Jess!! Wake up!" I was woken up by Harry, his hands holding my face firmly. "Ssshh, come here baby." he whispered and pulled me to his chest.

I cried hard, “I can’t do this anymore.” Harry pulled me closer, “yes you can. You can do this, we’ll get through this.”

"I can’t okay? I can’t!" I shouted and pushed him away, running towards the door.

I wore my jacket and sneakers and ran out the front door, the lights flickered open upstairs, Louis peeking out the window. “Jess! Where are you going?!” I didn’t respond, I continued running down the dark and emtpy road.

"Jessie!!" Harry shouted as a bright light flashed before me. I covered my eyes, "No!" he shouted. The car stopped a few inches in front of me.

Shit, it’s Sean’s car. “Get in the car, NOW!!” he was furious as he pulled the hood of my jacket and dragged me inside. “Stay there!!!”

I sobbed hard as I saw Sean chase Harry across the road. No, fucking no! My nightmare, it’s happening!!

I chased after them, the adrenaline coursing through my body made me run faster. I pushed Sean with all my strength and pulled Harry in my arms. I stood in front of him, my arms stretched out wide, trying to protect him.

"If you’re going to hurt him, you have to hurt me first!" I shouted.

"Get out of the fucking way!!!" Sean grabbed something in his back pocket… A knife!!

Holy shit.

Chapter 12 (Part 2) The Final Chapter

Life’s a game. All you have to do is know how to play it.

But how can you play it, when you know the opponent is your own weakness?

I’m tired of fighting, tired of crying, it’s time I give up the battle.

"Go on, kill him." I said. I heard Harry gasp behind me.

"What, are you scared? I thought you wanted this, Sean. Go ahead, no one’s watching." I clenched my hands into fists and stepped aside, making Harry and Sean face each other.

Was I doing the right thing?

"Just fucking kill him, Sean!!" I shouted.

The road was silent, no one talked. All I can hear is Sean and Harry’s heavy breathing. I wanted to run, or maybe grab the knife and kill myself. But I wasn’t that stupid to do that, I know I’m just angry.

"That’s it? That’s all you’re going to let me do?" Sean suddenly said as he dropped the knife.

"I’m tired, Sean." I whispered faintly as tears started to stream down my face. "You win, I give up."

Sean shook his head countless times, he was trying to find the right words to say, but there’s no way to fix this.

"No, you’re supposed to keep fighting! You just don’t give up on the one you love!! Why are you doing this?" He said.

I am so confused right now. "Why are you doing this? I don’t understand how you nearly wanted to kill Harry then you suddenly change your mind. What the fuck are you playing at, Sean?!”

"I-I’m sorry." I could feel the tension slowly fading away and turning into… Pain? Sadness?

He sighed, “I never told anyone about this. I-I once had this friend, who broke a girl’s heart. I was in love with her, but she chose him. After a few months, I caught him with another girl. They were literally fucking in his bedroom when I saw them. Coincidentally, the girl I loved was there with me too. I defended her, until my friend — err, ex-friend brought out a fully loaded gun. He nearly killed her, and me as well.

I just don’t want that to happen to you, Jessie. People are so hard to trust nowadays. I don’t want to lose my only sister.”

I kept crying, I sat down and hugged my knees, rocking back and forth. Sean kept still, but Harry ran to me and held me close. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to his chest, kissing my hair and rubbing my shoulders.

"Promise me you won’t hurt her." Sean whispered.

"I’ll never hurt her, I love her so much." Harry whispered back and tightened his grip on me. I felt safe again.

"I trust you, Harry."

No words could describe the happiness I felt when I heard those words. Harry gained Sean’s trust back. I could breathe again.

"Thank you." Was all Harry said.


"Excuse me, miss? Your lingerie is on floor." Harry teased and picked up my pink-laced undergarment and twirled it around his finger.

"I’m sorry, sir. Would you mind putting on me?" I said, unzipping his hoodie I was wearing to reveal my cleavage.

"I would rather see you naked than wearing this, madam." He threw the piece of clothing away and jumped on the bed.

He fully unzipped the hoodie to reveal my skin and kissed me hard with passion. His tongue licked my lower lip and I giggled, “you taste delicious, madam.” His deep voice whispered and continued kissing me, deepening the kiss until we were both burried under the sheets. He was on top of me, still fully clothed. “Sir, aren’t you forgetting something?” He looked at me and he chuckled, his hand reached for mine and led it down the button of his pants. “Take it all off of me, my lady.”

"Harold, your zipper is stuck!" I laughed, the sound of my voice too loud for everyone else in the house to hear.

"Okay, who said that you’re allowed to fuck in my room?! I just changed my duvet cover!" Sean shouted from outside his door. Harry and I both chuckled, making us both realize that we’ve been in Sean’s room far too long.

"I asked you to get my Blackberry on the bed, not get my Blackberry and fuck all day! And excuse me curly, are you even wearing a condom?! I don’t want an 18-year old pregnant sister.”

Harry and I laughed at Sean and threw a pillow at his face. “Get out! Here’s your phone!” Sean caught the phone and slammed the door shut, “Little shits having sex in my room. My freaking room! Unbelievable!” he said to himself as we chuckled harder.

"Come on cheeky bastard, let’s go." I said, attempting to stand up. I zipped up Harry’s hoodie and walked to the door, but Harry pulled me back to the bed and held me close to him, "Hey, I love you."

"I love you more, and you’re right. Everything turned out fine."

He caressed my cheek, “No regrets.”

I held his hand end entwined it with mine, “Just love.”

End xx